Inkjet Card Printer A Tray - For Epson

Inkjet Card Printer A Tray - For Epson


  • Epson CD/DVD Tray Replacement to Print On Inkjet Printable PVC Cards
  • Holds 2 Inkjet PVC cards to print 2 cards at a time (always put 2 cards in the tray, even if only printing 1 card)
  • Inkjet PVC Cards Sold Separately 

    Product Details

    Tray Dimension 5.88" x 9.84"
    Model A Tray
    Colour Black
    Available Printers (Epson)

    Epson Artisan 50

    P series: 
    Epson P50

    R series: 
    Epson R260, Epson R265, Epson R270, Epson R280, Epson R290, Epson R380

    RX series: 
    Epson RX580, Epson RX595,

    T series: 
    Epson T50