RFID Door Access Control System Kit


  • State-of-the-art CPU & integrated circuit techniques.
  • Open the door using proximity cards, passwords, or the hybrid.

Product Details

Electric magnetic lock specifications

Lock Size
50L x 46.8W x 25.2H(mm)
Armature plate 179L x 38W x 11H(mm)
Holding Force 280kg(620lbs)
Mode NC (locked whilst power supply is operating), fail safe mode

Push release button exit switch detail

Dimensions 86L x 86W x 20H(mm)
Current Rating 3A@36VDC Max

Power supply detail

Outside iron shell dimension 120mm x 95 mm x 38mm
AC input Standard AC100V-240V 50-60HZ 36W
DC output Stabilizator DC12V/ 3 A

Control System keypad detail

Power Supply DC: voltage 12V±10% Current < 0.1A
Dimension 116mm×116mm×20mm
Ambient temperature 0℃—60℃
Memory capacity 500 user cards or 50 door opening passwords
Working distance 5-15CM
Card Type EM or EM compatible cards